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my gem

Hello, my name is Jill and I am an Auckland based family photographer. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope my images give you an insight into what we can achieve together. My style of photography is all about love & connection within a family unit... plus those precious little moments that happen organically along the way.


This is an image taken by my husband of me and my daughter, Gem. It is so special to me for two reasons. Firstly, I see our love and friendship, not just past and present, but also in the future too. I see who she is, I hear her laughing and I can remember that we were both covered in glitter for days afterwards. The second reason is that this image and what it evokes in me, is exactly what I want to create for other families.

I share my love of home between two countries... here in New Zealand with my wonderful husband and daughter and my super awesome kiwi family & friends. The other half of my heart is in the UK, where I was born and my amazing family and lifelong friends live.

My love of photography is in the genes, my grandfather, as well as teaching photography, travelled the world with his old Leica camera. These images were turned into slides which were then projected on to his walls for many of us to see. My parents were also keen photographers, dad behind the camera, me and my brother up front... mum would then develop the images in her darkroom at home. Although times and technology have changed, the passion for taking images of the things we love, and preserving them forever, have not.